Master Data Management

Master Data Management (MDM)

Master Data Management (MDM) is the key strategy of Winning Corporations as it holds the data about your of customers, vendors, employees and products.

Master data has multiple applications (like ERP, Business Intelligence Software's etc…) associated with it and a small error in the master data could be the cause for the failure of all these applications. This hinders the overall company growth on its every move, since it spans all business functions. This hindrance has made companies to respond agilely on data quality which has promoted the essence of our services.

Being a best in class service provider which delivers optimum results in terms data integration, data quality and accuracy, which leads effective master data management and helps to explore the potential of your business.

Master Data Management mainly needs services like Customer Data Integration and Product Information Management which is our core business.

Data Management services in india
Master Data Management Process involves:
Data Analytics

Raw data of the Customers, suppliers and products are gathered or extracted from various sources. Data is analyzed and the standards for the project are set using unique identifiers to encounter all the data errors. Here we also take all necessary steps to convert the data into useful and trusted information.

Data Synchronization

In this process all data is cleansed, normalized, classified and enriched to improve the quality and structure of the data. This provides better results in data integration and reduces the failure in the loading system.

Quality Control

Quality Control is done to reconfirm the accuracy of data in all stages and at the end of the process by data experts.MDM provides data of well known quality and value. Effective management of master data also helps in adopting the next generation data management disciplines easily.

Key benefits of Master Data Management:

Consistency and Clarity of all business information


Clear View of inventory position of all locations


Intelligent decision-making


Improved corporate compliance


Reduced cost and complexity of data integration


Efficient and Consistent business processes


Enhanced data warehouse utility


Uniform dimension and hierarchy structures


Easy access to multiple data sources

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